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tech solutions

Tech solutions

Take 1 prides itself in staying at the cutting edge of today’s ever changing broadcast technology.  We talk regularly to our customers, to find out what technical and workflow challenges they are facing, and use this feedback to continuously develop our service offerings.

We are constantly innovating, and are pleased to be able to offer not only a premium transcription service, but also technical solutions which enable our service to fit seamlessly into our clients’ workflows.

Zoom H4

If you need a quick way to run off timecoded MP3 files of your interview footage, talk to us about the Zoom H4.

  • Great little gadget that connects directly to your camera
  • Creates audio files with timecode as metadata, in real time
  • Files can be uploaded straight away to our servers for immediate transcription.

Easy creation of timecoded MP3 files

The Zoom H4 is a stereo mp3 recorder allowing you to record sound on one channel and timecode on the other.

Jack and XLR inputs

Professional connectors enable the Zoom H4 to easily connect to your camera & microphones.

Long battery life

The H4 runs of 2 x AA batteries, and a full charge should last around 8 hours – ideal for most interview shoots.

SD card

After recording is complete, your timecoded mp3 files will be on the internal SD card. Use a card reader to transfer the files to Take 1.

USB connection

Standard mini-USB connector allows you to take files directly off the Zoom H4 onto your computer, and then send them to us for immediate transcription.

Transcripts in a Box

A clever USB capture card, that enables you to effortlessly create timecoded proxy files, and upload them to our data centre for speedy transcription.
A great solution for small to medium sized volumes, and is mobile, so perfect if you are moving production studios or on location.

A laptop proxy encoder

One of our engineers will deliver a laptop to your offices. The USB capture card we sent you connects to the laptop, and our upload management software comes pre-installed, so you can begin capturing proxy files for transcription immediately.

S-video & composite inputs

Simply connect your tape deck’s output into our capture card via composite or S-video for picture & stereo phono for audio Then you are ready to begin creating transcription files.

One touch recording

The capture card has an easy-to-use record button on the unit. Press once to start capturing, and press again to stop. A flashing red light tells you recording is in progress, while an on-screen counter tells you how much time has elapsed.

H.264 compression

The captured files are small MPEG4 files which use the award-winning H.264 codec. This means the files have great quality sound & picture, but are small enough to upload easily to us via the internet.

File-naming & tracking

Once a file is captured, you can name it in our software with a meaningful filename like [TAPE NUMBER] or [INTERVIEWEE NAME]. Our upload management  software shows you the status of your files. They move from ‘Queued for upload’ to ‘Uploading’ to ‘Uploaded’. You will receive an email notification once we have received the file.

Transcripts by 10AM

Our team of professional human transcribers will begin working on your file(s) as soon as we receive them. Our unique UK Head Office means we type while you sleep! Plenty of timecodes in the margin helps you pull soundbites quickly.

Easy import into your workflow

Completed transcripts are delivered back to you via email in either Word or XML format, for simple importing into your media asset management system. Our transcripts are compatible with Pilotware and Avid ScriptSync, which means that the minute your transcripts are delivered, your editor can see them inside the Avid.


Our T1000 server is turning heads in the post production sector.

  • It is a 1U rack server, so it won’t take up much space in your machine room.
  • Easy to use interface. Just drag and drop files into Overnight, 2 day or 3 day turnaround hot folders.
  • Automatically uploads files to Take 1 for immediate transcription.
  • Suits busy post production offices, with high volumes of interview/OTF content to process

Integrates with your workflow

Our T1000 has a proven track record in high-volume post production environments. It can process media generated from Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Compressor, MOG, XDCAM MXF proxies and more…

Outsourced typing resource

The T1000 is integrated seamlessly with our scalable typing pool, plugging you directly in to Take 1′s transcription workforce. It’s like having 200 typists available when & where you need them.

H.264 compression

Proxy files generated by the T1000 are H.264 MP4, and therefore don’t use up too much of your bandwidth while they are uploading.

Secure file movement

Files are encrypted and transmitted securely to our servers via SFTP, so there’s no danger of them going astray.

We don’t want your content ending up on YouTube any more than you do!

Intuitive interface

The user interface is very easy to use. Simply drag files into your turnaround folder of choice, and enter email addresses for your team members.

Easy import into your workflow

Completed transcripts are delivered back to you via email in either Word, TXT or XML format for simple import back into your workflow. Scriptsync & Pilotware compatible, which means that the minute your scripts are delivered, your editor can see them in the Avid.

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