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Must-watch TV for March

Post Author Take1 / March 17th 2015

Ever experienced that awful feeling when you can’t find anything decent to watch on TV? You browse the listings, try searching through the menu bar for appealing programmes but for the life of you, can’t find anything that’s going to hold your interest for longer than a few minutes.

That’s not good. Especially when you have a jumbo bowl of popcorn to get through and you really need a fix of telly, even if this is just for half an hour or so.

The listings might seem lame but we have a few suggestions you might like to try this month if you have searched in vain for enthralling television shows. Listed here are two US and two UK programmes that should keep you on the edge of your seat.

Settle down and get ready to be wowed by:


Hell’s Kitchen Series 14 (US)

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All-new Hell’s Kitchen is screening this week on Fox. Trust us; you really don’t want to miss this series. This reality television cooking competition originally began life in the UK but the heat in the kitchen reached a totally different scale when the format switched to American TV – basically, all hell broke loose!

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey certainly knows how to spice things up for the contestants on the show, his foul-mouthed tirades are legendary and he doesn’t mind mixing it with the wannabe chefs.

Throughout the series aspiring chefs are put through their paces with a series of cooking challenges and only the cream of the crop make it through to the final.

The action is fast, the language is shocking, and head chef Ramsey doesn’t take any prisoners. Make a mistake and he’s on you like a sticky pudding, it’s a brilliant programme and well worth a watch.

Catch Hell’s Kitchen on Fox on Tuesday nights at 8pm. Or visit the website for updates.


The Royals (US)

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Imagine if you could take a sneaky peak inside the life of the British Monarchy for a series or two, how much fun would that be? The Royals kind of gives you that power, albeit through a fictional, contemporary British Realm.

Already aired in the US, and due for a 25th March UK series premiere on channel E!, The Royals is a family drama with blue-blooded connections, it provides a nice twist for viewers, showing them what the public see and perceive of royalty and what really goes on behind closed doors.

Sure it’s made up, and yes, the characters are a little larger than life at times, but once you start watching and learning a little more about Queen Helena, King Simon and all the other royals in the household, you’ll be totally hooked!

To find out more about The Royals visit the website and you can brush up on the background of the characters before the programme begins.


First Dates Series 3 (UK)

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Based around modern dating, this popular UK series has a rather unusual and very distinctive theme. First Dates opens its doors for single people looking for love. They hotfoot it to the First Dates restaurant and here they wine, dine and get to know one another before talking candidly about their evening to the cameras afterwards.

Once the evening is over the big question is whether the show’s participants are going to see each other again. Some do, but others appeal to the viewing public to be potential dates in the future.

Back on the screen and better than ever, this third series of First Dates promises to be the best yet. Catch up with all the fun and games on Channel 4, and for a little taster take a closer look at the series by visiting the website.


Drunk History (UK)     

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This is a bizarre but totally brilliant television show! If you haven’t seen this series yet, put it in your planner or make a mental note to watch the next episode, it’s on Comedy Central UK, SKY 112 or Virgin 132, and the next episode is due to air on March 19th.

Drunk History witnesses the best UK comedians getting slowly sloshed on alcohol whilst recounting their favourite historical events. Their drunken ramblings are then re-enacted, word for word, by famous celebrities, comedians and well-known personalities.

It’s history, but not as you know it and it has you in fits of laughter throughout. Watch Drunk History this week and we bet it gives you belly ache, you won’t stop laughing at all the madness. To find out more, take a sneak peak at the website.


There you go. Four television shows should keep you occupied this month. We’ll be watching them at Take 1 Transcription that’s for sure!

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