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Love TV? Love typing? We’ve got the job for you!

Post Author Take1 / November 11th 2014

Become a Take 1 Transcriber Today!

In this video, we describe the benefits of being a Take 1 Transcriber. As a Take 1 Transcriber, you will be transcribing footage from some of the biggest television shows around the world, using nothing more than your computer and internet connection. It’s fun, flexible, and you get to watch TV and get paid!

If you can type fast and can offer us 20 hours per week, you could become a freelance typist for Take 1, the leading transcription company to the TV industry.

To work with us you just need to have:

• Audio typing experience
• A PC & Broadband
• Typing speed of 80 wpm +
• English Mother Tongue
• Excellent grammar & spelling skills
• The ability to hit tight deadlines

If you are unsure about your typing speed, please take the speed test at


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