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Forbidden wins IMG Deal

Post Author Take1 / March 31st 2015

Back in August 2014 we were proud to announce our integration with Forbidden Technologies plc. Forbidden is the developer of Forscene – the world’s most advanced cloud-based video post-production platform. Professional video makers across the globe use Forscene to produce content for a variety of different sectors including broadcast, sport, news, corporate, and education.

Many of Take 1’s customers rely on time-coded transcripts during post-production, but it can be a cumbersome process to obtain these transcripts, to paraphrase Greg Hirst, our business development director. By entering into a partnership with Forbidden Technologies we’ve been able to offer our customers a streamlined, automated process designed to make their lives easier.

Producers are now able to use Forscene to select the content to be transcribed, and one click of a button sends the proxy files through to Take 1, where the order is processed immediately by our highly trained workforce. Once the transcription is completed, it is imported back into Forscene as an XML file which is linked back to the master video in the Forscene cloud.

The integration between Take 1 and Forscene has been especially important as more and more producers are embracing cloud-based post-production.

The latest victory for Forbidden Technologies comes with the recently-acquired IMG deal. IMG are the global leader in sports, fashion and media, operating in over 25 countries throughout the world. They connect brands to their target audiences via sponsorships, licensing, consulting, talent management, and media.

The agreement between IMG and Forbidden Technologies means that IMG will use Forscene to edit and distribute sports highlight video content. IMG originally approached Forbidden looking for a fast turnaround subclipping and sharing solution, but the experts at Forbidden felt that, after testing the project scope, it should be expanded to include highlights editing and packaging.

Brian Leonard, IMG’s lead live engineer, stated that his team tested a number of potential market solutions before deciding that Forscene offered the best possible solution to their needs. The video editing software was tested in several ways – ingesting multiple concurrent SDI feeds, editing highlights packages, and publishing to the IMG content delivery network.

Jason Cowan, Forbidden’s director of business development said: “Licensing Forscene to such an important sports brand is a great start to 2015 and we look forward to growing the relationship as IMG signs additional channels in the coming months.”

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