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The evolution of cable television

May 1st 2015

The Evolution of Cable Television It’s hard to imagine life without cable television. In the UK, it is commonly bundled into a subscription service...

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Women’s representation in the broadcast industry

April 21st 2015

It is a fact that women are underrepresented in the broadcast industry. One study actually found that women made up just 23% of crew...

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Forbidden wins IMG Deal

March 31st 2015

Back in August 2014 we were proud to announce our integration with Forbidden Technologies plc. Forbidden is the developer of Forscene – the world’s...

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steve and debbie
Filming my father in Life and Death

March 27th 2015

Steve Isaac suffers from Motor Neuron Disease – a condition that damages parts of the nervous system and severely shortens life expectancy. Diagnosed at...

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Hell's Kitchen
Must-watch TV for March

March 17th 2015

Ever experienced that awful feeling when you can’t find anything decent to watch on TV? You browse the listings, try searching through the menu...

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What happens in an internet minute?

February 18th 2015

If you’re one of the increasing number of people who browse the internet via a smart phone rather than a computer then the chances...

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