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Adrian Smithers – technical Support Manger
Adrian Smithers – Technical Support Manager

When not down the gym or dying his hair Adrian can often be found under a desk, fixing a computer, locating a bug or providing remote support for our global army of transcribers.  He is incredibly patient, which is a vital skill in what is at times a very stressful role.  Take 1 is so reliant on IT these days there is never a dull moment!

  • Worked as a ‘YoYo Master’
  • Once attacked by a badger
  • Owns a Harry Potter wand
  • Loves Disneyland
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Alice Hayes – Production Coordinator

An integral member of the operations department, Alice is involved with scheduling, responding to customer queries, dealing with quotes and much more.  A friendly voice on the end of the phone, she’ll make sure your exact requirements are understood, and will keep a close eye on the progress of your job until completion.

  • Has owned 3 donkeys
  • Loves mushroom ornaments
  • Owns part of the moon
  • Had first haircut aged 12
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Carole North – Operations Director

As Operations Director, Carole has built up a fantastic team who always deliver.  Carole’s key focus is staff development, change management and finding ways to get more sausages through the machine.  Carole’s level headed perspective always ensures important Board decisions are only made after considering all the options. Positive and bubbly at all times regardless of how much pressure she is under.

  • Juggles many balls
  • Admires integrity
  • Remembers empty roads
  • Hates traffic jams
  • Shares her Rolos!
Caroline Dance - Production Assistant
Caroline Dance – Production Assistant

With her excellent customer service skills, Caroline is brilliant at managing translation and subtitling jobs from start to finish.  Her patience and attention to detail, means you can be sure you will be very well looked after.  Feel free to contact her directly, next time you need some foreign language help!

  • Extremely organised
  • Good under pressure
  • Eats chocolate everyday
  • Professional Wakeboarder
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Catherine Mayers – Operations Manager

In her role as Operations Manager, Catherine oversees the smooth running of the operations department, a tough challenge given the high volume of work being processed and ever changing requirements. Fortunately ‘yes’ is Catherine’s middle name, and she’ll always go the extra mile to keep our clients happy.

  • Loves her red Beetle Bug
  • Got drunk aged 3
  • Learnt to drive in a truck
  • Loves the Bolshoi
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Charlie Evatt – Head of IT

Charlie is responsible for the overall smooth running of Take 1’s IT infrastructure. Highly skilled at systems design, building innovative client solutions and adapting our tools to fit hostile post-production workflow environments.  Noteworthy achievements include co-writing our proprietary transcription software, and implementing our VMWare architecture.

  • Plays many instruments
  • Has a magic touch
  • Great cook
  • Hates cats
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Dom Bourne – Founder & President

As Founder and President, Dom sets the overall strategy and direction for the Company.  A keen linguist, computer geek and entrepreneur he is the ideas man and the driving force for high growth. These days he spends his time flying back and forth between London and LA managing key accounts.

  • Plays 8 instruments
  • Has a tortoise called Houdini
  • Once caught a goose, fishing
  • Been to Malawi 3 times
  • Loves Alfa Romeos
Elisa Fallowfield - Script Coordinator
Elisa Fallowfield – Script Coordinator

Elisa provides support to the production team, checking the quality of post production scripts and ensuring that they are delivered to the client before the deadline. Elisa’s sharp eye isn’t a surprise when you find out she’s a qualified fencing and archery instructor!

  • Has double jointed elbows
  • Collects Lomography cameras
  • Loves the summer!
Felicity Southcott – Production Assistant

Flick is one of the youngest members of our team, but don’t let that fool you.  She comes fully loaded with excellent organisational skills and her attention to detail means every aspect of your transcription booking will be executed with that special Felicity finesse.

  • Has a goldfish called Gloria
  • Odd socks annoy me
  • Allergic to chocolate
  • Hates odd numbers
Glynis Dance - Bookkeeper
Glynis Dance – Bookkeeper

Glyn has been the Company Bookkeeper for over 13 years now and manages all of our Sage and Payroll functions including paying our hundreds of typists worldwide.  Glyn still lives in hope that one day Dom might actually produce some receipts!

  • Has cats & grandchildren
  • Cabaret singer in past life
  • Loves walking in autumn
  • Fan of whodunits
Ian Battisson – Script Assistant

An efficient multi-tasker, Ian also moonlights as Radio Presenter talking about his beloved Tottenham Hotspur, but don’t let that put you off.  As a key member of our Script Department, Ian supports the team by honing our clients scripts whilst drawing on his aptitude for quality to ensure they are delivered punctually and polished.

  • Doesn’t like bridges
  • A hidden comic book geek
  • Loves football
  • Scared of moths
Low res-9177
Jan Silvey – Credit Controller

Cash flow is vital in any business fortunately with Jan on the team we never have to worry as it is always under control.  Expect a call from her soon if you dare not pay our bill!

  • Mrs Bargain Hunter
  • Loves red wine
  • Unmusical member of Take1
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Jemma Ludley – Production Assistant

Jemma supports the Production Team with her natural flair for client care.  Having made the very obvious progression from Marine Biology to Television Production, Jemma’s skills have been transferred to identify and manage the complexity of each of our customer’s needs.  If you want to make a booking, you will always find our jovial Jemma at the other end of the line!

  • Learning guitar
  • Obsessed with Ben Howard
  • Growing a Ginko Tree
  • Enjoys wine, food, and coffee too much
Low res-9065
Jennie Smith – Translation Manager

Jennie’s worked in many areas of Take 1 over the years, and can now dedicate her time to our growing translation department.  As Translation Manager, she oversees the high volume of foreign language work that we process, ensuring that we deliver excellent service at all times.  Fortunately for Take 1, Jennie is fluent in 17 languages!

  • Cycles to work
  • Learning the piano
  • First time kayaker
  • A media pro
Jessica Aranda - PA to Louise Tapia
Jessica Aranda – PA to Louise Tapia

Jess’s bubbly personality gives energy to the busy US team and assistance to Louise. Jess loves to organise and has even started a lunch club in the office, Come Dine With Me eat your heart out!

  • Obsessed with the number 7
  • Control Freak
  • Can’t sit still
  • Knows Friends verbatim
Low res-9208
Jimmy Lambert-Knott – Technical Director

Jimmy’s focus is on typist training, quality control and product development.  He started his career at Take 1 as a transcriber so he really understands the black art of producing good transcripts.  As one of the longest serving members of the team, Jimmy’s played an integral part in the evolution of Take 1’s systems and service offerings.

  • The coffee must be right
  • Accuracy is key
  • Love time with my family
  • Best solutions are elegant
Jonathan Cronk - Non-Exec Director
Jonathan Cronk – Non-Exec Director

As Take 1’s business coach and guru, Jon provides counsel to the board on a wide variety of management and growth challenges, and has played a big part in aligning the staff for high growth. With his help Take 1 continues to go from strength to strength.

  • Always losing keys
  • Temporarily losing weight
  • Always finding keys
Jonathan Hayward - AV Technician
Jonathan Hayward – AV Technician

Coming from a background in Sound Design, Jon H (stands for hat, we think) completes our AV triad.  Jon’s wealth of AV knowledge means he is well equipped to deal with all manner of audio and video files, but we’re beginning to think it’s stored within the confines of his beanie hat, as we’re yet to see him without it!

  • Eager to try new things
  • Avid musician and gamer
  • Loves watching cartoons
  • Been to Japan twice
Jonathan Sargent – AV Technician

With a background studying Broadcast Operations and working as a sound recordist on various productions, Jon is well placed in our busy AV team creating seamless workflows for our clients and understanding the many file types we receive.

  • Likes Kitesurfing and SUP
  • Studied Wing Chun
  • Plays Guitar & Piano
Low res-9136
Josh Martin – QC, Training & Product Engineer

With a passion for journalism, English language and words in general, Josh was an obvious candidate to join our team.  He provides training support for all of Take 1′s new typists, ensuring that the quality is always high, but also adds value to improving our internal workflows and processing complicated jobs from some of the biggest clients.

  • Always eating
  • Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
  • Loves cars & steam trains
  • Still plays with Lego
Low res-9118
Julia Bennett – Typist Resource Manager

As an ex-Production Manager, Julia really understands the pressures of producing a TV show.  Having been an integral part of the Ops Department, she’s now responsible for recruiting all new transcribers from around the globe, putting them through their paces and ensuring they are up to the job.  You can always tell when Julia is in the office, her 20db laugh rather gives her away!

  • Learning Tai Chi
  • Loves the Greek Islands
  • Has a raucous laugh
  • Experience in TV & Film Production
Louise Tapia - Sales & Marketing Director
Louise Tapia – Managing Director/CEO

Louise is responsible for the overall management of the business, and execution of our business plan.  As the Director also responsible for Sales & Marketing, and management of our Americas office, she also plays an important part in key account management and business development.  Based primarily in our Santiago office, Lou travels extensively to the UK and USA, to meet with our team, clients and partners.

  • Loves gardening
  • Has Newfie named Pepe
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Born on Friday 13th
Matthew Pugh - System Administrator/Developer
Matthew Pugh – System Administrator/Developer

Coming to Take 1 from a maths, computer science and teaching background, Matthew is responsible for analysing, monitoring, improving and developing our systems and processes. Having Matthew on board means that our whiteboards often have impressive looking equations on, and that we are learning more maths at work.

  • Still plays with Lego
  • Loves time with family
  • Former Maths teacher
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Michelle Hogben – Accounts Assistant

Michelle works alongside Glyn and Jan in our busy Accounts department. Coming from a strong financial background Michelle is never not surrounded by numbers! She is very organised and will always make sure your numbers add up.

  • A qualified florist
  • Enjoys keeping fit
  • Has an overweight cat
  • Loves to ski
Low res-9198
Nick Peck – Systems Administrator/Software Developer

As lead developer on numerous projects, Nick’s code abilities know no bounds.  Nick’s specific area of computer interest is artificial intelligence and has played a key part in the design and build of numerous successful IT projects both for internal use and client side developments. Nick is fluent in: Python, PHP, C++, SQL, C#, VB, JavaScript, Java, Linux among others.

Omnibot 2000
Omnibot 2000

Despite being from 1985, the Omnibot is Take 1′s official mascot. Inside our workflow there are thousands of little robots all executing vital processes like moving files, sending text messages or converting XML, but being digital they are out of sight and easily forgotten. The Omnibot reminds us how much we rely on robots, plus he looks extremely cool and he can make the tea!

  • Takes 8 x AA batteries
  • Plays audio cassettes
  • Has no opposable thumbs
  • Made in China
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Paris Collins – Production Assistant

Paris is the youngest member of the Take 1 Family, and a vital part of our Production Team! Coming from a background in dealing with high profile clients within the Film industry, she is the perfect fit for Take1. She has a natural flair for client contact and is always on hand to send out those all-important quotes.

  • Chocolate connoisseur
  • Scared of spiders
  • Has 2 nameless tortoises
Patricia Alvarez – Office Assistant

Patty is the beloved assistant in the Chile office. When she is not busy buying everyone ice cream to help them survive the Santiago heat, she has her hands full assisting with H.R. tasks, keeping the office organized, and managing the bills and personal records around the office!

  • Falls easily
  • Never missed a day of work
  • Gives good advice
  • Feeds the homeless every Friday
Peter Morgan - Accountant
Peter Morgan – Accountant

As company Accountant Pete provides tight financial control and regular reporting to the board on Take 1’s financial performance. Has a wealth of experience raising finance and designing share schemes. His ability to cram tiny numbers into a printable spreadsheet is legendary.

  • Owns 2 fax machines
  • Refuses to score in golf
  • Has a rudely named house
  • Loves French phrasebooks


Rick Marin - Script & Production Coordinator
Rick Marin – Script & Production Coordinator

Rick works alongside Sarah in our US Production team. If he’s not helping busy post teams get their files to us, or answering a query, he’s usually making a great pot of coffee in the kitchen!

  1. Drinks coffee to sleep
  2. Skippy taught him English
  3. Professor of Translation
Sarah Ranfone – Production Coordinator

Sarah is part of our amazing US Production team.  She handles everything from booking jobs, customer service to keeping communications between UK and our Americas office up to date.  An expert in Office, she is our go-to girl. Sarah’s attention to detail will impress you and her gentle mannerism makes working with her a dream.

  • Part of rowing team
  • Plays piano
  • Met the Backstreet Boys 3x
  • Worked at a VERY famous cupcake store in Washington DC
Low res-9050
Steve Rippengal – Head of AV Tech

Steve started with Take 1 as a work experience kid and was never allowed to leave because he is so good at his job.  Cool calm and collected at all times, Steve keeps a permanent lid on the pressure cooker that is the Take 1 AV Department and processes millions of files every year.  Steve lives, eats and breathes formats, transcodes and uploads.

  • Doesn’t like wearing shoes
  • Plays drums
  • Can sleep anywhere
  • Starring in a horror film
Valerie Randall – PA to Dom Bourne

Valerie has the unenviable task of trying to keep Dom organised.  They all said it could never be done but she has brought order to chaos!  She really is his Nanny McPhee!

  • Went to lots of schools
  • Lives on a mini farm
  • Has twin sisters
  • Loves canoeing