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With typing pools all over the planet, we’re able to offer lightning fast turnarounds.

Our large capacity ensures we can process even large jobs very quickly.

Choose from same day, next day, 2 day or 3 day turnaround.

Faster same day turnarounds are available on request.

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All of our products are produced by professionals at source, before undergoing a quality control process for further polishing.

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From cameras to codecs, tape decks to timecode, we’ve got you covered.

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Take 1 – Transcription Services

Welcome to Take 1 - one of the UK’s leading transcription companies delivering accurate and affordable services to clients throughout the world. With a dedicated team and a network of trusted transcribers ready to meet almost any timeframe you need, we’re confident we offer some of the best transcription services around.

Our clients include production companies, studios and networks in the UK and the USA looking for fast and reliable TV transcription and we can provide you with the files you need to make captioning and composition even easier. Unlike many transcription providers we’re fully conversant with the industry’s jargon, so when you need to talk timecodes and codecs, it’s just one more language we’re completely at home with!

We have the capacity to handle projects of any size, delivering on time and on budget for customers across the globe, and with over 50,000 hours of content passing through our doors each year, you can be sure we have the people, the passion and the rigorous quality control procedures to deliver unrivalled levels of precision on every project. Choose Take 1 and with typists in every time zone your case can be handled while you’re sleeping and the results waiting for you the very next morning, with all data files encrypted securely and your information kept confidential as a result of our robust data protection protocols. Choose a turnaround time to fit your schedule from 3 day to same day, we’re the only name you need for all your transcription services.

With expertly managed video and audio TV transcription completed to satisfy even the most complex formatting requirements, Take 1 have a track record for success with clients from the BBC to ITV and shows including Project Runway, Paranormal Witness and Made in Chelsea. Try us for yourself and see what Take 1 can do for you - we’ll be happy to discuss any of our services and quote for your next project.

Our work

Off The Fence
Off The Fence
546 hours of timecoded transcription on a tight turnaround.

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Off The Fence

Customers Requirements

Award-winning independent production & distribution company, Off the Fence, approached Take 1 about transcribing a large portion of their show catalogue.  As part of their distribution deal with a Chinese network, they required timecoded English dialogue scripts to be used as a blueprint for subtitling & dubbing their content into Chinese.  A total of 546 hours of content needed to be processed within a tight turnaround time and specific budget.

What Take 1 did

We liaised closely with Off the Fence’s team at the outset, to agree on logistics, like show priority order, transcription layout, number of shows transcribed per week, and so on.  The workflow was very slick:  Off the Fence uploaded QuickTime daily to our servers, and completed transcripts were delivered back on a daily basis too.  Regular communication between both parties meant Off the Fence were always up to speed on the status of each script; changes in instructions could be dealt with immediately; and urgent shows could jump the queue as soon as requested.

The benefits achieved

Take 1 delivered all transcripts ahead of time, to the highest levels of accuracy, and within budget. Off the Fence felt confident that the script element of their distribution deal was taken care of, in very safe hands.


“Off the Fence has recently been working closely with Take 1 on a major project involving the transcribing and time coding of scripts. We have found them to be very responsive and flexible to our needs, meeting difficult deadlines easily.

In our experience, Take 1 has been very service orientated and we look forward to a continuing working relationship with them on our transcription needs.

Pierre Le Gaudu, Off The Fence


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Fast turnaround transcripts for the MIPCOM event

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Customers Requirements

For the 3rd year running, Reed Midem, organisers of the world’s entertainment content market, MIPCOM, were keen for the 2012 MIPCOM conference’s keynote sessions to be professionally transcribed by Take 1, MIP’s official transcribers.

What Take 1 did

Throughout the busy conference schedule, audio and video recordings of the key sessions were uploaded to Take 1′s servers, and carefully and speedily transcribed by our professional audio typists.  A good knowledge of media terminology, coupled with very careful attention being paid to names of speakers, organisations and programmes, meant that final transcripts were of the highest quality.  Some transcripts were required urgently, to provide to press.  Within a week of the conference finishing, all transcripts were available for delegates, and members of the public, to download and view, directly from MIPCOM’s website here.

Key Elements

  • Transcripts prepared by professional audio typists
  • Transcription company specialising in media field
  • Key sessions transcribed urgently, for press
  • All transcripts completed well within agreed timeframe
  • Conference organisers confident with high quality of scripts
  • Scripts available for public’s reading pleasure.


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Committee Films
Committee Films
Exceeding expectations on America Unearthed with our speed!

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Committee Films

Customers Requirements

The Minneapolis based boutique production company needed some footage for the America Unearthed season turned around quickly over a weekend so the producers could work on it during a long flight to the next shoot.

What Take 1 did

After listening to the clients requirements, Take 1 were able to use their large typist pool and allocate the job over a weekend to turn the scripts around in time.

The benefits achieved

  • Client happy to receive the scripts by 8am
  • Producers had the scripts in their hands for flight
  • Take 1 met the deadline


“Even with our rapid turn around requirements Take 1 was able to come through, and they did it flawlessly, greatly exceeding our expectations” Martine Pelleymounter, Production Manager

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Bunim Murray Productions
Bunim/Murray Productions
The Emmy award-winning reality producer,

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Bunim/Murray Productions

Customer’s Requirements

The Emmy award-winning reality producer, Bunim/Murray Productions, needed confirmation and peace of mind that their chosen transcription company could process high volumes of footage, overnight, every day for a period of 6 weeks in order to maintain a constant supply of accurate, timecoded transcripts to their story teams on their flagship reality show, Project Runway.

What Take 1 Did

An initial consultancy nailed down their exact requirements, followed by close client support throughout the project.  Over that 6 week period, Take 1 delivered around 300 hours of transcribed contestant interviews, without a glitch, on time and on budget.

The Benefits Achieved

  • Client’s exact needs were identified at the outset
  • Fast turnaround with high accuracy over an intense production schedule
  • Delivery of exactly the correct file format provided info that sped up the story writing and editing process
  • Use of client’s production staff was optimised
  • Timescales and budgets were met
  • Operationally, the transcripts were imported smoothly into the client’s existing workflow and asset management system
  • Crucial logging and editing data was provided including roll number info in the header, speaker name abbreviations, precise data formatting, font styling & timecodes
  • A very happy client


You guys did an amazing job…”  Jeff Lehman, Post Production Supervisor, Bunim/Murray Productions

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